Common Errors : Incorrect Use - fasten


Fasten” means : 
 to attach / to fix firmly / to tie / to secure 
For example : 
1) Please fasten your seat-belt as the plane will be taking off soon. 
2) I am not sure if the door has been fastened well. 
3) You can fasten the cloak using this brooch.

Another meaning of “fasten” is to focus attention or
concentrate / to focus steadily
For example : 
1) All eyes fastened on the bride and groom when they walked into the dinner hall.
2) They fastened their eyes on the singer for he was an entertaining performer. 
3) I know he is the one who has stolen her diamond pendant as his gaze fastened on her pendant the moment she walked into the room.

Common error 

I have noticed some people using “fasten” when they want to say “go faster/make the process go faster”. 
For example, you CANNOT say :
fasten the cooking process as they are all hungry.
Please fasten your work as the due date for the project 
is near. (X)
Please fasten the product delivery as there are a lot of orders for that product. (X) 

If you want to say : “make something go faster”, then you can use the following words :

1) quicken
For example : 
A) Her pulse quickened when that gorgeous hunk walked into the room. 
Gorgeous hunk : Handsome / Good looking man
B) She quickened  
her pace down that lonely alley when she heard a noise behind her.

alley : a narrow street / path 

2) hasten    
For example : 
A) She used a hair dryer on the wet paint to hasten the drying process.

3) accelerate  
For example : 
A) To accelerate the growth of the company, we all have to work hard.
Image :
B) The car accelerated down the road.

4) expedite 
For example : 
A) I have put in a request to the shipping company to expedite the delivery of products.
B) We have offered our assistance to the committee as there has been a request from the management for the committee to expedite their work.
C) Please have all the information ready so as to expedite the processing of the loan.

Image : Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers 


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